Football betting United States

Whereas American Football is without a doubt the number one sport in the United States, football – or soccer – is in no way inferior to the national sport in terms of betting. Football betting enthusiasts around the world follow the major North-American leagues to place their bets. On Betfinal, you’ll find all the upcoming games of America’s greatest leagues listed and ready for you to place your bet. So make sure to check which football games speak to you, check the odds and see whether they’re in your favour! Football betting on United States domestic leagues has never been easier.

Follow the highest tiers of football in the United States

Given the fact that football isn’t the number one national sport in the United States, you’ll only find a select number of leagues to bet on. However, the quality of players and games will not disappoint. The United States has proven itself worthy of a world stage by coming along more than well in international events like the World Championship. North-American players too find a share in international markets and seem to elevate the level of domestic football even further. All in all, football betting on United States leagues is rewarding and most of all exciting!

The highest domestic football leagues in the United States include:

The Major Soccer League (MSL) is the number one professional football league in the United States and accounts for some of the best players the continent has to offer. The University Soccer League (USL Championship) is the competitive league between United States top-universities. Betting in either one of the leagues has the potential of earning you great money. We offer different bets and odds for all the games in the two highest tiers of US football – so join now!

Place your bet on United States football

Whatever your preference, there’s always a game scheduled for you to place your bet on. We’ll make sure there are plenty of variables to bet on, including winner, correct score, the number of awarded corners, goal scorers and more. You’re free to mix up any combination of bets and raise the stakes as you go. Feeling lucky? Why not predict the title winners and relegation candidates? Set your predictions and manage them within your Betfinal account. You may be rewarded instant cash when your predictions turn out to be true! Moreover, we offer a cash-out option to secure yourself of a win.

How do odds work?

Every better needs a strategy. In order to find yours, choosing the right odds is essential. For every game outcome, there’s an odd set to the probability of this particular outcome. The lower the chance of something happening, the higher the stakes. When you decide to make a combination of bets, the odds will multiply by each other. For example: if you predict a win for New York City FC with an odd of 2.0 in combination with a total amount of over 5.5 cards in the game between Sporting Kansas City and FC Dallas with an odd of 3.25, the total accumulation will be 6.5. Please note: we use European odds, they differ from British odds.

The cash-out option

Betting can be tricky and not every better is willing to take high risks. To accommodate you in your experience, we offer the opportunity to cash out before a game is finished. We’ll make sure the odds of the cash out for your bet are continuously updated. When you’ve predicted one team will win the game and they take the lead by half time, but doubt whether they’re able to prevail, you’re free to cash out against lower odds than the original.

Cash outs are possible too when the current score isn’t in your favour but there’s time enough to change. In this case, the cash out is possibly lower than the wager.

The ultimate betting experience at Betfinal

Did your predictions turn out to be right? We’ll immediately transfer the money to your online wallet. No delays nor restrictions stand in the way of you and your hard-earned cash. Use the money to place new bets or simply request a withdrawal.

For additional information on our betting rules, platform or service, please contact us via e-mail or use our online chat. We’ll gladly fill you in on the details and help you get started with your online sports betting experience.