Bet on Spanish football

Football is the most popular sport in Spain. No wonder why Spain has numerous successful football teams. At Betfinal you can bet on all Spanish professional league football, from La Liga to Segunda Division. Bet on teams like Real Madrid, Valencia, FC Barcelona and Real Sociedad. Subscribe to Betfinal and benefit from all the best odds for Spanish football. Use your knowledge and predict the outcome of the games of your favourite Spanish football team every week. Check the schedule today and bet on the available games this weekend.

How to bet

At Betfinal you can place multiple different bets for each game in the top leagues of Spain. You can find a wide range of betting options. Predict the winner of the match or the number of goals scored in the game. Up for a challenge? Predict the number of corners given during the game or the correct goal scorers. The statistics and your own knowledge will help you to make the right decision. Placing a bet is really easy. Click on a match to see all the possible bets and their odds. Do you have a good feeling about your prediction? Place your bet and hope for the best. Make sure to combine several bets to increase the potential winnings!

Cash out

Are you watching a football game and are feeling insecure about your bets? No worries, Betfinal has your back! Even when an event already has started, it is possible to cash out. Your total of the cash out is determined based on the score and the status of your bet. For example, you predicted that Real Madrid will be the match-winner, but after a shaky start at the beginning of the game you’re not so sure anymore. At this moment, you can simply check your bet and accept the current cash out offer. The money will immediately be added to your digital wallet.


Can you predict which football team will become the national champion of Spain this year? Is it going to be one of the all-time favourites, like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona or Atlético Madrid or do you think another club will grab the title? At Betfinal you can predict the outcome of the Spanish football leagues. Do you believe in your favourite team and are you 100% sure they will win the league? Predict the league standings at the end of the season and place your bets today.

Stream Spanish football live

After placing your bets you’re probably eager to know how the game will unfold. Luckily, you are able to watch lots of games live on our platform every day. You can even place your bets live while you are watching a match. Check the live page to see which Spanish football games are being broadcasted this week!