Betting on the Primeira Liga

The Primeira Liga is Portugal’s top professional football division and one of Europe’s biggest leagues. The division is contested by 18 teams, but three clubs definitely dominate Portuguese football and often grab the Primeira Liga title. These clubs, Benfica, Porto, and Sporting CP are known as ‘the Big Three’. That doesn’t mean they won’t have to fight against the underdogs. Each clubs play all teams twice for a total of 34 games, so there are lots of games to bet on in the Primeira Liga. Are you ready to be rewarded for your predictions? Place your bet today at Betfinal.

Dozens of bets on a weekly basis

Every season you can bet on all the different match events in the Primeira Liga. Bet on simple win/draw/lose bets or bet on the details like the number of bookings given in a match. Up for a challenge? Push your luck with live betting! Find your strategy by choosing the right odds. For every game outcome, there’s an odd set to the probability of this event to happen. The lower the changes, the higher the stakes! Please note that Betfinal uses European odds. Do you need more help with developing a strategy? Make sure to check the statistics before placing a bet.


Is one of the Big Three going to be the winner of the Primeira Liga this year? Or is one of the other 15 Portuguese teams going to surprise us by grabbing the title? Place your bet before the season starts. If your predictions turn out to be true you’ll be rewarded with instant cash. You can find your winnings right away in your personal Betfinal account.

Cash out

What if you’ve placed a bet on Sporting CP, but during the match, the players of Moreirense keep surprising you with great moves? During halftime, you’re not so sure anymore if Sporting CP will hold the lead. At Betfinal, you will have to option to cash out during a game. If you accept the offer the bet will be successful and your winnings will be available in your digital wallet straight away. Of course, the outcome will be a bit lower, but you end up winning even if Sporting CP loses.

Even when the current score isn’t in your favor you can decide to cash out. In this case, the cash out is possibly lower than the wager, but you won’t end up losing all your money on the bet.

The ultimate betting experience

At Betfinal we’d like to offer the ultimate betting experience. That’s why we offer high odds, lots of bet options, and a quick settlement. If you win a bet you can instantly use your winnings. Place a new bet or withdraw the money to your bank account. The decision is on you!

If you have any questions or need additional information on our games, platform or service, feel free to contact us via e-mail or use our online chat. Enjoy your betting experience!