Bet on German football

At Betfinal you can bet on all German professional league football, from Bundesliga to Regionalliga. This means you can bet on Bayern Munich as well as 3. Liga clubs like VfL Osnabruck. If you subscribe to Betfinal you will benefit from all the best odds for German football. Take a look at the schedule to see if your favourite team is playing this weekend or bet on any of the other games available.

How to bet

You can start off simple of course and stick to the accessible bets on match winners or the correct score. But there’s much more! What to think about predicting the correct goal scorers? Or the total amount of bookings during the match? Be sure to check the statistics before you bet to be up-to-date. To increase the potential winnings even more, you can combine several bets to raise the total odds. Just click on a match to see all the possible bets and their odds. Once you feel good about your prediction just click ‘Place bets’.

Cash out

After you’ve placed your bet(s) and the events have already started it is still possible to cash out. The amount of the cash out (in case there is any) is determined based on the score and the status of your bet. For instance: you placed a bet on Bayern Munich to win. After 50 minutes they are 1-0 up, but you have a hunch they won’t hold the lead for much longer. At that moment you can choose to take a cash out offer after which the original bet will be closed immediately. If it turns out they draw or lose the game you are in luck, if they go on to win it you still have earned some money, but less than if you would have kept the bet going.


Will Bayern Munich grab the Bundesliga title again this season? Or do you think there will be a dark horse to snatch the victory? And which teams will be contesting for the promotion spots in the lower leagues? Next to the regular bets you can bet on the outrights of the season here at Betfinal. For instance the league winners, top 4 teams or the teams you think are going to relegate. So get your crystal ball out, scan all the squads, take a look at the schedule and predict the league standings at the end of the season.

Stream German football live

If you have a stake in one of the games you’re obviously eager to watch the game too. And you’re in luck: lots of games are being broadcasted live on our platform every day. Just check the game you’ve bet on to see if there’s a video stream available. Fancy some live betting on German football? Place your bets while you are watching and wait for the course of the game to stay in or change to your favour!