Football Betting France

Bet on all French professional football every week here at Betfinal. Find the best odds for Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 games as well as the Coupe de France knockout matches. Bet on the likes of Paris Saint Germain one week and predict a game of AC Ajaccio the next week. France has a lot to offer when it comes to football, find out by betting on French football here at Betfinal!

How to bet on French football

For each game in the top leagues of France you can place multiple different bets, ranging from predicting the right score to predicting the amount of goals scored in the game. Just click on the match of your choice to see what the possibilities are and simply add the bets to your betslip. You can play single bets as well as combined bets where you combine predictions to up the potential winnings. If you want to make multiple bets on a single game you can use the bet builder.

Outrights for the season

At Betfinal you can not only bet on games or events but you can also predict the outcome of the French football leagues. For instance the champions of the Ligue 1 or whether a team ends the season in the top 3. So if you’re a 100% sure your favourite team will win the league, place your bets before the season starts and see how the season turns out for you and your team.

Settlement of your bet

To add to your experience here at Betfinal we immediately add your winnings to your online wallet. This way you can right away place a new bet or withdraw the money to your bank account. Your winnings are calculated by multiplying your stake by European odds. If you’ve placed a bet using British or American odds there can be a slight difference due to round-off errors.

Cash out

In case you want to get a return on your bet before the event has ended you can use the cash out option. The cash out offer is determined based on the likelihood of your bet being a winner. There is no cash out option if your bet is very unlikely to still succeed. If we deem it still possible for you to win we will subsequently calculate the cash out offer based on several factors. For instance, if you’ve predicted a win for AS Monaco and they are drawing 0-0, the cash out offer will probably stand, but will be the lower than if they were 1-0 up. To see if there is a cash out possibility you can check the bet on your betslip while the event is still in play.

Stream French football live

After making your predictions you’re probably curious how the game will unfold. And that’s why we grant you the opportunity to stream lots of games live on our platform every day. To see which games are being broadcasted you can check the Live page.