Bet on the Chinese Super League

For top-level professional Chinese football, you’ll have to follow the Chinese Football Association Super League, better known as the Chinese Super League. This league was created at the beginning of this century and is now one of the most popular professional sports leagues in China. Are you into Chinese football and looking for exciting games to place bets on? Check the schedule at Betfinal to see which games in the Chinese Super League are played this week!

Loads of Chinese Super League games

Currently 16 teams are competing against each other in the Chinese Super League. With a total of 240 games in one season, there are lots of games to places bets on. The season of this league starts in February or March, which is nice as most popular European leagues start months later! Spend your time waiting for professional European football to start by watching and betting on Chinese football. Learn more about teams like Beijing Guoan and Shanghai Port and make a profit!

Bet Builder and Combo Markets

For each game in the Chinese Super League, you have a variety of betting options. Predict the winner, goal scorers, number of cards, handicaps and so on. Pick single bets or use the Bet Builder to combine several odds for the same game. High odds mean a high payout when your predictions turn out to be true. Another option is to use pre-built combo bets in our Combo Markets.

Cash out

Sometimes you have a feeling that you didn’t predict the right outcome. Sounds familiar? Luckily there is a way to secure your win during a live game. Have a look at your betslip to see if there is a cash out option. This option is available for bets that are still running, but only if there is a reasonable chance that you will win the bet. If you don’t feel like taking the gamble, you can decide to accept the cash out offer. This offer is based on the likelihood of your bet succeeding. Take the offer and your winnings will be available in your wallet straight away.


Since the Chinese Super League was created a total of 8 different teams ended up winning the title. So it is definitely not an easy task to predict which team is going to be crowned champion this season. Are you up for a challenge? Place a bet on the outrights and become a winner yourself!


If you have any questions regarding betting on the Chinese Super League, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. You can ask your questions directly to them through our online chat or by sending an e-mail. We are happy to help you out and give you the ultimate betting experience.